Datawords and Contentsquare partner to help brands increase conversions for international consumers!


Datawords and contentsquare partner to help brands increase conversions for international consumers!

Contentsquare, the leading digital experience optimization platform trusted by brands such as GoPro, Sephora, Walmart, Ikea and LVMH, and the Datawords Group, the global leader in multicultural technologies which supports brands such as L’Oréal, Audi, Benefit Cosmetics and Harry Winston, announced today a strategic partnership to provide their clients and prospects with a solution that combines culturallyrelevant digital content with digital user experience (UX) insights to improve customer engagement and revenue around the world.


Today, consumers expect a more personalized experience wherever they are and however they connect. In order for premium brands to stay competitive, it’s vital that they understand and anticipate the unique expectations of customers across borders. With globalized UX insights, brands will have the power to understand how customers in different regions are interacting with their apps and websites, and therefore be able to quickly adapt to boost engagement and conversion. 


“We are always looking for innovative solutions that immediately help our clients improve their Digital Happiness Index scores and bottom line results,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and founder of Contentsquare. “With an increasing number of our clients operating across borders, we are partnering with Datawords to give these multi‑nationals another advantage. Now brands can quickly understand how and why their visitor behavior varies by region and customize local experience to increase business across the board.

Datawords’ multicultural understanding of the international digital landscape combined with Contentsquare’s leading expert knowledge in user experience will allow digital marketers to unlock the doors of new opportunities with international consumers.


“We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Contentsquare, a company with which we already share many values and clients in different sectors,” said Alexandre Crazover, Cofounder of the Datawords Group. “Together, we will help international brands get a deeper understanding of their customers’ UX all over the world as well as adapt and streamline their digital campaigns to the local tech environment and cultural context.” 

We are very excited about this partnership and can’t wait to see our clients benefit from our joint expertise, which we know will create new opportunities by understanding how international consumers behave in the digital world.

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