Datawords and Yext come together
to offer targeted, localized solutions

Datawords, the world leader in multicultural technologies, has just announced an official partnership with Yext, the AI Search Company (NYSE: YEXT, with headquarters in New York City), to establish interconnectivity between both groups’ innovative technologies.

On the one hand, Datawords offers a technological platform and expert teams to help businesses and organizations manage content with a linguistic and cultural focus. On the other, Yext represents the future of search engines with a modern, AI-powered platform that understands natural language to deliver answers instead of links. Indeed, hundreds of brands—including Three, Subway and Marriott to name a few—have already implemented Yext’s AI search function into their websites to provide an advanced search experience.

By combining their expertise and technologies, Datawords and Yext will offer companies and institutions a seamless customer experience. Their joint solutions will allow any and all requests to be managed with ease, no matter the language, providing greater flexibility to publishers without a store locator system—allowing them to feed their content.

As Felix Elkmann, SVP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Datawords Group, explains: “We are very pleased to announce this new partnership with Yext, which feels like a natural extension of our company. Our teams already know each other and we share similar values, as well as many clients from an array of sectors. Combining our two technologies will provide a seamless experience for our customers around the globe.”

“We’re pleased to work with Datawords to further empower our clients to personalize local experiences and benefit from granular insights, all while delivering a modern, AI-powered search experience,” adds Michael de Paris, Director Strategic Alliances at Yext.

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