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2019 was an incredible year for Pinterest, highlighted by Pinterest going public at the New York Stock Exchange in May. On top of this, shopping ads and catalogues are now a global feature on the platform, proving that this preferred platform is providing even more business touchpoints for brands.

With a unique positioning compared to other social networks, it is a highly personal platform and can help users organize and navigate special moments in life such as moving, marriage or even having kids! Pinterest is also a more private social network since interaction with other users is very limited. Over 250 million users access this platform daily, and this is why it is so important for beauty, interior design, furniture or fashion brands to pay attention to Pinterest. Overlooking this social network would mean turning your back on 250 million users who are searching for inspiration!


Our first piece of advice for 2020 is to make Pinterest your priority again by following these 5 recommendations:

1. Find the right balance between SEO and relevancy

In September 2017, Pinterest integrated the ability to add up to 20 hashtags in the description of a pin. Their 48-hour lifespan (the average time a pin will stay at the top of a board) allows brands to position themselves on thematic homepages based on keywords. However, users search the platform to get inspired by attractive boards. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your account’s overall description really reflects your brand identity and is not overloaded with keywords.


2. Dust off your old boards

If you opened your account several years ago, check that old boards and pins still reflect your brand image. It’s better to prioritize current boards and sub-boards rather than a large number of boards, even though Pinterest recommends about fifty boards for each account.


3. Integrate seasonality

The lifespan of a pin is much longer on Pinterest than on Instagram or Twitter. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t integrate seasonality onto your page through the following actions: updating your featured boards (overview) as well as changing the order of your boards to reflect the marketing calendar (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Black Friday, the year-end holidays etc.), which includes the days leading up to them.


4. Link your platforms

Did you know that you can link your Instagram, YouTube and Etsy accounts to your Pinterest? It’s a quick way to generate traffic towards other social channels and reinforce your brand’s global digital credibility.


5. Adapt your visual content for Pinterest

Having a dedicated strategy for Pinterest doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your visual strategies for other inspirational platforms like Instagram. However, Pinterest users like well-designed visuals that show items in context rather than on their own. With its “Lens” technology, Pinterest is banking on the future of image searching and positioning itself closer to search engines than social networks.


If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us! Our consulting team would love to help you shape a refreshed Pinterest strategy.

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