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Promoting the ranking of the group and the sites it is building requires considerable work on the semantic field and tactical deployment to make this message visible to all audiences, whether or not they are experts. That’s exactly the goal of our agency’s SEO procedure, which covers French and English, as well as all digital media: the corporate site, the press site, blogs, social spaces, etc.


From 2011 to today, enabling a leading car manufacturer to publicize its expertise and commitments for a variety of expertise areas, from mobility to renewable driving energies, as well as CSR, open innovation, career management and even the economy…



  • Technical and semantic SEO audit of the PSA Peugeot Citroën corporate site
  • Definition of a plan of corrective measures, prioritized depending on their potential impact VS the effort to be invested
  • Technical support from the agency in charge of development
  • Semantic optimization of the webpages
  • Semantic enrichment of existing content and creation of new content
  • Creation of new digital media for priority topics like diesel or sustainable mobility
  • Optimization of content distributed onto social spaces (YouTube, Slideshare)
  • Monitoring and performance reports to pilot the project and to bring continuous improvements


  • 153% visibility on the first page of Google search results for the priority keywords
  • 250% quality of SEO ranking
  • 91% visibility on the first page of Google globally

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