Datawords and FACIL’iti join forces to promote digital inclusion

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with FACIL’iti, a French start-up dedicated to digital inclusion.

Central to its mission of making the internet accessible to all, FACIL’iti offers a digital assistance tool able to adapt a website’s display according to the needs and disabilities of each user—from visual impairment or dyslexia to Parkinson’s disease—based on the profile they’ve created.

FACIL’iti’s patented algorithm required 5 years of R&D, in close collaboration with leading disability associations to validate the needs of disabled people through user tests. It works over desktop, tablet and mobile platforms and already equips over 500 websites (and more than 1.5 million pages of adapted text) for clients over a range of fields—many of whom are also Datawords customers.

The connection between Datawords and FACIL’iti was natural and the fit was immediately obvious, as diversity and inclusion are at the heart of both companies’ business philosophies. By formalising this cultural proximity through a partnership, the Datawords Group will offer the digitally inclusive solutions of FACIL’iti to all its customers worldwide.

Alexandre Crazover, co-founder of the Datawords Group explains: “It’s a perfect union, as Datawords was created out of a desire to respect and understand our differences in order to bring cultures closer together—and help our customers do the same. Because everyone matters.”

To learn more about digital inclusion and how to offer a better digital experience to your audience, reach out to our team.

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