The Datawords Group is excited to announce our newest platform, e-Sales Connect, designed to link retailers’ online and offline customer experiences while empowering sales associates at brick-and-mortar stores. Developed by our Whatsquare team in the context of changing consumer behaviours, the AI-based platform allows brands to leverage the expertise of their salesforce, expanding their advisory role through technology. This innovation creates a bridge between physical stores and e-stores, extending the customer experience via the brand’s social media: using the customer’s location, it offers a nearby point of sale and links customers to the salespeople there via a QR code system, where the latter can make customised purchase proposals and refer customers to an e-commerce site.

Katherine Pei, Co-founder of Whatsquare, explains: “We are very proud to add this new e-Sales Connect platform to our set of tailor-made multilingual solutions that enable data flows and conversational commerce between all messaging platforms, websites, mobile applications and now retail stores. Designed for retailers, our platform delivers personalised and enhanced customer service thanks to the combination of technology and expertise from the sales associates.”

Christophe Jourdain, Asia General Manager at Datawords, adds: “In the current environment, our platform helps to animate points of sale, offering a practical solution to customers who wish to limit the length of their shopping trips while still benefiting from expert advice. On our side, we take care of the creation and maintenance of the platform, which is easy to roll out and duplicate. This solution can be applied to any type of retail store (from luxury to car distribution), anywhere in the world.”

The platform has already been implemented in Asia with great success for major brands including BMW, L’Oréal and L’Occitane.

To learn more about the e-Sales Connect platform and how to benefit your brand, reach out to our team.

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