How an AI Chatbot can boost business for your brand


Looking for a simple, cost-effective investment to boost sales? With online competition fiercer than ever in the age of COVID-19, chatbot technology is a simple tool that can immediately boost customer satisfaction in your business. Now that customer touchpoints have moved online, the quality of your brand’s online customer service has become a critical factor in offering the ideal customer experience.

Despite all the downsides of the current situation, one silver lining is that many e-commerce platforms have actually been experiencing higher traffic volume. A well-designed chatbot can help process basic requests before directing customers to live client service representatives for more complex matters. In other words, chatbots allow your brand to connect to customers on a larger scale. In addition to replacing traditional call centres, chatbots also serve as a customer touchpoint to engage customers on a variety of different levels. A good chatbot complements the last mile experience and increases customer satisfaction. So, could chatbot technology be right for your brand? Here are some immediate benefits of deploying this high-performance technology:

1. Fast, immediate client service

The average customer service response time varies by industry. But these days, customers have higher standards and have come to expect nothing less than instant responses to their queries. Chatbots work 24/7 and provide instant solutions for basic queries when representatives are not available.


2. Completing simple tasks

Simple deployment of rule-based chatbots is an easy way to complete many tasks that are time-consuming when carried out by traditional client representatives. Steps like booking appointments, answering FAQs, placing orders, and more are suddenly effortless and automated. In addition, chatbots free up your customers from the hassle of navigating the platform themselves.

3. Conversational interface

No matter where you deploy the chatbot (messengers, websites, etc.), the conversational interface is intuitive and natural for human beings. The client-led conversation offers the opportunity to listen to your customers and help grow the relationship. A good chatbot brings customers closer to your brand—while offering one more way to express your brand’s unique personality.


4. Improving capabilities over time

AI chatbots have many advantages over simple rule-based chatbots with one major drawback: time. AI chatbots have higher entry barriers because they are based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) and require time to learn from the data gathered. However, AI chatbots can identify patterns of behaviour and develop a broader range of decision-making skills over the long term.

5. A channel for customer touchpoints

Chatbot technology offers a unique channel for continuous communication with your customers. Many add-on features—including simple games, augmented reality tools, etc.—can boost engagement and create more sales opportunities in less intrusive ways. A good chatbot continues to improve its capabilities over time and strengthen brand loyalty among your customers.


Starting to think your own business could benefit from a chatbot? Contact Datawords Consulting for an assessment or reach out directly to Whatsquare, the leading chatbot provider in Asia and part of the Datawords Group. Whatsquare uses an AI-powered customisation engine to create tailor-made multilingual chatbot solutions. The result is an automated customer journey across all messaging platforms (including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE and WeChat for different regions), websites and mobile applications. Designed for retailers and brands, the system automatically recommends products, provides customer service, and delivers personalised stories.

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