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Short length format, topshot with some gourmet-looking side shots. Unique universes adapted to each Nestlé brand.


What to know about possible problems with the Nestlé France teams: how to redesign videos of recipes in a format that could appeal to all the brands of the group, with a significant budget constraint; meeting the needs of Digiprod’s creative and production team; the combination creates a delicious result and more than 150 videos produced in 18 months.



  • First step: be inspired by trends on social media.
    These videos respond both to the constraints of social media in terms of duration, brand presence, sound and the topshot tendency to attract consumers. However, the format was redesigned to be able to be supported on other media by being easily adaptable to the square formats and 16:9.
  • Second step: an approach that is close to the brands.
    This type of framework only works if each brand finds its own identity. The work of Digiprod’s creative team is to find accessories, utensils, decoration and tricks which can be adapted to each of the Nestlé brands so that each one stands out despite their common direction.
  • Third stage: rethink the production.
    From receiving the briefing, to the provision of the file master, we set up a specific process to reduce the time of editing and to be able to shoot a maximum of videos on each day of shooting. By streamlining the production and postproduction as much as possible, we were able, in the first 3 months, to deliver more than 50 contents.


Millions of views! Nestlé France has become a creator of content in its own right thanks to this format dedicated and adapted to each of its brands. According to the community of each of the brands, they receive between 250K and 5M of views per post.


“Between 250K and 5M views”

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